There are many ways we can help you remember

Below are details about some of our memorial options. For more information or to order please contact Jennifer Hamilton

Private Cairn

Built by hand by our garden team, each cairn is unique and designed according to your specific needs. Cairns can be built to accommodate one or two sets of remains.

Each cairn is situated within a private 1m² memorial garden. This allows space for planting and for a large inscribed memorial slate plaque. Double cairns will require a double garden plot.

Memorial Bench

We have a range of beautiful teak benches. Hand carved inscription or engraved brass plaque option. All benches require a double garden plot. Plot price includes all annual maintenance for the term of the lease.

Memorial Plot

Our 1m² Memorial Plots are the perfect space in which to create a garden in memory of your loved one.

Alternatively, we can supply architectural garden memorials to further personalise the space.

Memorial Tree

Commemorate your loved one by purchasing one of our Memorial Aspen Trees. An oval slate plaque will be placed by your tree inscribed in memory of your loved one.

Granite Leaf Vault

This beautiful above ground vault comes in 2 sizes for either 1 or 2 sets of ashes. The leaf lid is inscribed with your loved one’s name(s) and a short sentiment.

A flower vase allows you to leave a floral tribute.

Large Oval Slate Plaque

The Large Oval Slate Plaque in Sleeping Warrior Garden of Remembrance. Each oval slate plaque is lovingly inscribed by hand in the Scottish Borders and are designed to stand upright in the Garden of Remembrance for a duration of either 10 or 20 years.

There is room for 4 lines of text.

‘In Loving Memory’ Garden Of Remembrance Planter

Our bespoke wooden planters are unique for each family.

In conjunction with our Head Gardener, you will create a planting scheme that reflects your loved one. Choose from bedding plants, perennials, native species, heathers, alpines or a sensory mix. We will advise you which plants will thrive at our altitude of 731 feet above sea level.

An inscribed large oval slate plaque, dedicated to your loved one is included in the cost in year 1.

Although the planter remains the property of the Crematorium, we will maintain it for you – plants will be replaced as required throughout the year and we will oil the plaque regularly to maintain its appearance.

Memorial Boulder in Sleeping Warrior Garden of Remembrance

These boulders are naturally quarried, each one being unique. The face of each stone is polished for inscription (max 50 letters on small boulder, 60 letters on large boulder).

Once purchased, your boulder can be placed in our Sleeping Warrior memorial bed for a duration of your choice.

Communal Cairn and Individual Slate Plaque

Our Communal Cairn allows for the above ground interment of ashes in a sealed container.

With stunning views looking over towards Arran, the Communal Cairn is a fitting resting place for your loved one and an area of serenity and tranquillity for reflection.

Individual plaques inscribed with details of your loved one are available for purchase and can be secured to the wooden shelter surrounding the cairn.

We recommend no more than 4 lines of text.

Granite Leaf Vault and Solid Teak Memorial Bench Combination

Book Of Remembrance

For a permanent memorial, you can make an entry in our Book of Remembrance.

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