Information For Funeral Directors

Here at Clyde Coast & Garnock Valley Crematorium we aim to make the process for booking and arranging services as seamless as possible. Application forms are available as digital downloads from our ‘Forms for Cremation’ page. Completed forms and all associated paperwork should be emailed or delivered to us at least 2 working days before the service is due to take place.

Online Bookings

We offer Funeral Directors online access to our bookings diary so that service times can be booked outwith office hours.

In order to use this system we need a note of your business details and email address. We will then supply a unique password for funeral directors and funeral arrangers to log on and make bookings.

Once we have issued your password, simply click here to access the Funeral Director Booking Portal, then click on ‘Log In’ to open the portal using your email and password. A PDF version of the web portal guide is available by clicking here.

Music and Media Services

Our media partner, Wesley Media, has an extensive music library and can source most music that has been made commercially available for inclusion in a service.

Funeral Directors have direct access to the Wesley library via the ‘register here’ link in the client portal, and with the assistance of the family can create a schedule of music that meets their requirements. Please click here to view the music listings and log in to the portal.

If a specific piece of music is not included in the list, simply request the track from Wesley and 99% of the time they can locate it for the family.

We have the facility to webcast or record services. We can also arrange for a visual tribute to be played during the service. Simply let us know if the family require any of these services and we will organise this on your behalf.

General Information

We offer hourly services between 10am and 3pm. Earlier or later service times can be arranged if required.

We have a large, fully abated cremator and can accommodate coffins up to 47 stones in weight. Acceptable external coffin dimensions are 42 inches wide, 94 inches long and 25 inches deep.